It is often a daunting experience to film in a foreign country and having a Reliable Fixer on the ground makes it a lot easier, and that is where Magic Touch Films comes to the forefront. Most African countries require Filming Permissions or Licensing, Temporary Work Visas, and Carnets or customs documentation for Temporary Importation of Equipment. All of these will be sourced quickly and easily on your behalf by Magic Touch Films and we have excellent relationships with the various government bodies and organisations, which make us super-efficient, highly competent and well-organized.

Accommodation and Vehicles are of international standards and will meet your expectations and level of comfort in most African countries. Our travelling motto is that no location is inaccessible. We can travel either by road or light aircraft to the remotest parts of the country. We will work closely with clients to devise the best Schedule and Logistics to meet your production’s available time schedule and Budget.

Our locations range from the ever changing vistas of the dune-sea, desert landscapes, African savannah, captivating mountains and canyons, rivers and lakes as well as rural villages, cities and abandoned ghost towns. Namibia also offers natural panoramas filled with an abundance of wildlife which is a natural history filmmaker’s dream, as well as rustic rural villages of a variety of ethnic groups and tribes for the visual anthropologist.