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  • "Dear Elle, Thank you so much indeed for so very much. You were an absolute star on location making everything go so smoothly. Our schedule was ridiculously tight, but with you at the helm it all worked perfectly. We stayed in the most beautiful places (including under the stars), ate exceptionally well, our transfers from one location to the next were exemplary… all in all you did a brilliant job with a lovely smile on your face and in good humour even when you were exhausted. Thank you."

    -- Martha Holmes
    Executive Producer
    Plimsoll Productions
  • "We would like to thanks Magic Touch films for helping us, two French Directors, to film the beautiful Namibia. For your reactivity, your precious information and all the "stuff" that you had found for us. Thank you very much."

    -- Valentin Rebours,
    Alexis Fichou
  • "Elle - you understood, anticipated, and met our every need, so that we never missed a beat. In short, everyone at Magic Touch Films made it an absolute pleasure to work in Namibia, and I can't wait for the opportunity to come back and do it again! On behalf of the entire cast and crew, I offer you our deep and everlasting gratitude."

    -- Sincerely,
    Jeremy Schneider
  • "I would also like to say thank you as all of my crew that was out there with you said that it was a true pleasure and they wished all of our local fixer companies performed as well as yours.
    hats off to Magic Touch Films!"

    -- Christian Palladino
    Line Producer